Guardian Angel

2-Pack Guardian Angel Shockproof Outlet

The Guardian Angel Shockproof Outlet is the only product available that protects in all shocking situations ... even an outlet in use ... AND does so while allowing easy access to power whenever it's needed. This two-pack unit will protect the most dangerous outlets in any room ... outlets always in use (for a nightlight, with a baby monitor, or a floor lamp), outlets frequently used (to vacuum, or to charge a cell phone/tablet), and outlets of particular interest to a curious and ingenious child.

The path to your safest home begins with Guardian Angel - making safety smart:


  • Easy Installation...No professional installing or wiring required
  • Cannot be circumvented by childhood curiosity and ingenuity
  • Always vigilant sensor technology
  • Electrical power available at all times
  • No small pieces that create chocking hazards
  • WINNER: 2014 Invention of the Year ... INPEX New Product Showcase